People Say

I have been shooting all my life, and honestly thought having to take the class would be a waste of time. I'm surprised, however, that I actually learned quite a bit. There was so much that I didn't know that I didin't know!
I am still new, and do not own a firearm, but have considered getting one form my home and my wife would love a handgun. Outside of shooting pigeons with the scouts, I do not have a ton of experience, so I welcome all the classroom stuff to help me be educated about safety, equipment, purchasing decisions, etc.
Take a moment to introduce one's self to instructor. He likes to have a personal knowledge of his participants. The instructor is knowledgeable in topics taught, professional, friendly, humorous and believes in the topics he teaches. He sets an excellent example of the NRA. He teaches better than some law enforcement instructors I've gone to. Thanks Jim!
I don't have any experience shooting, and I was very nervous going in, but Jim made it very comfortable. I really enjoyed the experience. I recommend Jim to anyone interested in shooting guns.
Jim did an excellent job. He engaged all students in the class and taught by sharing examples. Not much to improve on in my book. The group activities were very effective and very good feedback from Jim and the other students.
I would recommend this course taught by this instructor because of the ability to remain focused on the skills and knowledge outlined. Just enough command presence to be effective and enough humility to gain the trust of every level student. I thoroughly enjoyed the class.
I am positive about all the instructional classes that the NRA offers. I wish that more people would take advantage of these classes to dispel the public ignorance about firearms and firearm safety. Jim oversaw that each group activity functioned well. Each group rotated members which gave diverse results. I personally felt his teaching style was very effective. I don't have any complaints.
Jim was very well prepared and knowledgeable about the subject.  He involved everyone and ensured that we each had the competency we needed from the course.
Very worthwhile. This tye of shooting course should be part of all CFP classes. Word of advice, study before you go. It seemed like a lot of time commitment, but the time went fast and the class was awesome.