Keith Garcia 3-Day Multigun Training Course

It’s time to kickstart your 2018 competition season off right by bumping your skills up a few notches! Come learn from one of the best! multigun competitors around by spending three full days with 2013 3-Gun National Champion Keith Garcia!

Classes will run from Friday April 6 through Sunday April 9, 2018.

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Learn the key fundamentals to bring your 3-gun game to a whole new level.

  • One day spent on each platform.
  • Learn the 50 must-do drills to prepare for any multigun match.
  • Get feedback from a pro to make your game more efficient.
  • Weapon manipulations drills.
  • Weapon transition drills.
  • Much more!

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About Keith

Keith has been a California police officer for 25 years, serving as a Field Training Officer, SWAT Team Leader and Firearms instructor. In 2004, Keith started competitive shooting; primarily entering handgun and LEO only SWAT matches. In 2008, he began shooting 3 Gun competitions. Keith won the first ever “3 Gun Nation” shoot-off in 2010 and repeated it in 2011. During the 2012 season he won the first ever “Pro Series” match in Florida. Following the Pro Series win, Keith won the 3 Gun National Championship in 2013 and was awarded a $50,000 prize. Keith has won two USPSA multigun championships, seven Law Enforcement Multigun National Championships and the 3 Gun Nation National Championships in 2016. During his career Keith has over 20 major match victories.

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