It’s a New Year Coming

The new year 2017 is rushing into our lives much too soon. This is the time of the year when everyone starts thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. If you are having a hard time deciding what your resolutions should be then come take a little journey with me and I will give you some ideas for some to make and keep for 2017, that can be a lot of fun as well as providing you with skills and knowledge that you may very well need some day.

The year is 1950, the place is Tripoli Libya Africa. It’s a warm summer day in the open desert. I am 6 years old and alone with my father. He had purchased a 22 caliber single shot rifle for me. Today I was going to experience something that would influence me for the rest of my life. At first I was frightened and had doubts about handling a gun because all I had been told in my 6 years was “do not ever touch a gun because they are very dangerous.” But, after a few minutes to consider the idea of actually being allowed to not only touch but shoot this dangerous gun, my 6 year old curiosity got the best of me.

My dad had been in correspondence with the NRA (National Rifle Association) about a program they had where gun enthusiasts could get targets from the NRA. Once we had shot the targets we could then send them into the NRA for scoring and then receive different awards in marksmanship from the NRA based on how well we were shooting. Later, as a 7 year old I was in seventh heaven with awards hanging on my bedroom walls.

The NRA’s current program, very similar to the one I was using when I was 6 years old, is the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship program. This program is designed to allow all ages to shoot on their own with all types of firearms and earn awards and patches that recognize their accomplishments. Generally awards are bestowed on the honor system, and the program offers many skill levels for you to participate in.

Once I had a family life of my own, I made sure that all of my children were deeply involved in firearm shooting sports of all kinds and to this day they remain involved in one way or another, with one son also certified as an NRA instructor. We hunted as they were growing up but we now get more enjoyment out of non-lethal shooting and assisting other people to develop a love for safe firearm shooting sports.

I am still shooting for the NRA awards and patches along with many other shooting activities I enjoy. There are many ways to get involved in firearm shooting sports for the whole family and at the same time have the opportunity to be trained for the protection of your family and loved ones. You can find more information about the program here

I am currently a Firearm Instructor with the Beehive Defense Team based in Utah. “Beehive Defense strives to be Utah’s Choice for firearm instruction by providing high-quality training courses, being positive role-models in the shooting sports community, and becoming friendly, caring mentors to shooters of all abilities.” Those who are intimidated to learn something new in the presence of others will be glad to know we also offer personal one on one instruction and coaching. There are many websites that cater to hard core gun enthusiasts, but Beehive Defense teaches firearm safety and personal protection in a family friendly environment, free from intimidation. You will gain confidence in your ability to keep you and your family safe and discover a new and exciting sport to be involved in.

Through my experience as an instructor I have discovered that there are many people of different age, gender, nationality, experience & interest that are rapidly getting involved in the wonderful sport of firearm shooting on all levels.

With the frightening destruction and lethal criminal acts taking place all around us right now in our own neighborhoods, to be able to protect and defend our freedom and safety is rapidly becoming a more demanding issue for personal defense skills for all age groups.

As a suggestion for you, why not set a New Year Resolution for 2017 to get yourself involved in the sport of firearm shooting and make one of your desires to get trained in Firearm Defense to protect you and your loved ones. Go to http://www.beehive to find out all the ways we can assist you in these goals. Our goal is to help others learn the joy of SAFE firearm handling and enriching your life in fun activities for the whole family. We offer a staff of highly skilled and certified instructors in all phases of firearm instruction and are excited to assist you in every way.