Beehive Defense instructors are the best of the best. Instructors that have been invited to be a part of Beehive Defense have demonstrated not only great shooting ability and expert-level knowledge in the areas which they teach, but were chosen specifically because of their leadership ability, professional and courteous demeanor, and their enthusiasm for the art of teaching. Although many of our instructors do have strong military or police backgrounds, this in and of itself does not guarantee the student a positive experience. Beehive Defense instructors accept the truth that being a great instructor requires being a good student, and they actively seek out feedback for continuous improvement. Beehive Defense purposefully seeks out instructors who are approachable, friendly, and genuinely care about creating great memories in each student after taking one of our courses.

Each instructor is independent, sets their own pricing, and manages their own calendar. Great instructors are invited to be a part of Beehive Defense and are central to our success.

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