Sean Burrows

Sean Burrows is a 3-gun competition shooter, firearms instructor, and a member of the Federal Premium competitive shooting team. He spends most of his time traveling to matches and teaching classes around the United States, and actively advocates for Second Amendment causes and lifestyle choices all along the way.

Sean was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska where guns and outdoors were a way of life. He spent his summers shooting .22 rifles, and archery in his back yard; and his (cold, dark) winters shooting air guns in his parents’ basement.

He participated in his first shooting competition in 2005 at a political fund raiser event, where he won a Browning pump shotgun. From that point onward he has been hopelessly addicted to the action shooting sports letting them consume all of his free time.

Sean has since chosen 3-gun as his primary love and focus in competition. He is currently sponsored by Federal Premium, B&T USA, Atlas Gunworks, Safariland, Gargoyles Eyewear, and

Mr. Burrows is also Lead Instructor and co-founder with his wife Alysia of Elevated Training LLC, a firearms training company they launched in 2020. He is also a loving husband, and father of four who join him in the action shooting sports as often as occasion will permit.