Intuitive Defensive Shooting

Beehive Defense is proud to host Rob Pincus for Intuitive Defensive Shooting!

Intuitive Defensive Shooting is a methodology of approaching personal defense with a handgun that leverages the body’s natural reactions, rather than training against them. For example, the natural human “Startle Response” is a flinch-duck response that is hard-wired into our central nervous system. Intuitive Defensive Shooting aims to incorporate that automatic response into defensive training so that in a real life situation we avoid some confusion and panic.

Rob Pincus is the well-known defensive firearm instructor and author who is the principle creator of this approach. Beehive Defense will be hosting Rob Pincus to teach Fundamentals of Intuitive Defensive Shooting, 1 Day Intuitive Defensive Carbine, and 2 Person Armed Defense courses in Salt Lake City on July 9-11.

Students can register for this class by visiting For additional information, visit the Beehive Defense Facebook page or simply ask any Beehive Defense Instructor.